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Urban Pup

Urban Pup Car Seat Dog Cradle

Urban Pup Car Seat Dog Cradle

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This dog cradle folds flat so that you can keep it in the car at all times. It takes minutes to attach to any seat and features an integral safety strap that will clip onto any dog harness to keep your dog safe and secure throughout the journey. The cradle features support bars around three sides demonstrated by the dog standing on one of them. Your dog will be able to sit down or stand up to take in the view. Or if they prefer they can also lie down for a quick snooze, keeping them happy and contented while letting you concentrate on the road ahead.

(Always de-activate the passenger air bag if putting dog in the front on the passenger seat!)

Key features

Can be attached to any seat within minutes, folds flat 

Integral strap attaches to any harness to keep your dog secure

Your dog can either stand, sit or lie down whilst safely restrained

Length 40cm x width 40cm x height 25cm

Suitable for dogs up to 18lbs/8kilos


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